Namefolio v3.14/2024

When a Singularity Sets a Precedent

With the remastering in progress to v3.0/2019 of my Webfolio, the time is right for a review of where this identity issue of the global intellectual property dilemma is headed.Continue reading

From the Genetic Code to Brand Identity

I’ll carefully venture into solving the enigmatic portal dilemma introduced in the inaugural post of version 1.0/2016, by providing a graphic update of this conceptual contact point.

Let us begin with the usual sneak preview, to show off some lasting impressions…Continue reading

The Art of Making an Author's Name

How do we forge an author's identity? What conditions must be reunited for an individual's sense of the causal relationships between the multifaceted dimensions of filiation, (family) naming and nationality to disintegrate into a portal enigma? What is biological decoding?Continue reading