Namefolio v3.14/2024

From the Genetic Code to Brand Identity

I’ll carefully venture into solving the enigmatic portal dilemma introduced in the inaugural post of version 1.0/2016, by providing a graphic update of this conceptual contact point.

Let us begin with the usual sneak preview, to show off some lasting impressions…

  • The vortex of the homepage refers to obscure forces propelling me, as part of my universe, to the unavoidable tipping point (before 2000).

  • The cosmic phenomenon of the Profile page represents the phobic hard node (or "grain of phobia"), wired to disintegrate at its critical mass threshold to liberate itself from its shell and, like a phoenix, rise from its ashes (my Year-2000-problem).

  • The black and white background with shades of grey of the Contact page finds its origin in the watermark-enabled anamnesis of all "close encounters of the fourth kind (holographic)", whose post-apocalyptic analysis ends up unveiling the hidden meaning (after 2000).

  • The logotypical macro-processor of the End Credits page illustrates the Holy Grail of web program management, which I created during my conceptual showcase modelling works (beyond).

  • As regards the great Playfolio-enabled time machine suggested on the Navigation page however, it will take to be patient and wait for the server machine solution which I developed throughout my publication phase to become a franchise-enabled operational reality (everywhere else).

In the meantime, I can only hope that RapidWeaver 8 will enable me to revive my Lifefolio at

Daniela BERNDT